About Us

Manju Marriage Bureau is into blissful and divine insistence of providing matching solutions to the prospective brides and grooms to have their choicest pick during get together and community parties.

We are now the most sought after destination in Andhra Pradesh, for adopting innovative ideas of conducting community-wise get together parties enabling the prospective brides and grooms to chose from. This will help them to tie the nuptials and lead a very admirable and successful life together in the filial days.

Armed with abundant database and information related to the potential brides and grooms, this bureau focuses on Gowda and other communities to offer matching and indelible solutions to help perform matrimony of their beloved family members.

Manifestly, we are functioning from Hyderabad and our ever increasing clientèle base has eminent people like Businessmen, Ministers, Member Parliaments, MLAs, NRIs, IT people, Professionals, Officials, etc.,

And it is our pride to announce that the bureau has esteemed customers who accomplished marriages of their family members such as T. Devender Goud, former Home Minister (AP), Mukhesh Goud, MLA, Maharaj Gunj, T. Bala Goud former MP, and others.


Our ultimate objective is to provide needed database and information of destined brides and grooms seeking the most inspiring and deserving partners to make a living together.

Emphatically, a good number of NRIs adore our team of Manju Marriage Bureau for helping them to have the right pick at the right time and then lead a very beautiful and awesome marital life.


We envision to offer you satisfying and cognizant services while retaining old customers and expand to prophesied ones in this domain. Also we hope that the marriage - a blissful act, should lucidly facilitating to blend two families to make a new world of turning dreams into reality.

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